vCardPlus Bamboo Wood NFC Business Cards

In the digital age, traditional business cards often get lost in the shuffle or end up forgotten in a drawer. But what if there was a way to make your business card stand out and provide a seamless digital experience for potential clients and contacts? Introducing vCardPlus Bamboo Wood NFC Business Cards.

These innovative business cards are made from sustainable bamboo wood and are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. With a simple tap of their smartphone, recipients can instantly access your online bio and download your vCard, which contains all your contact information.The Bio page is uploaded on your web host and will have the same domain link as your website, Making this a trusted Bio link.

Not only do these bamboo wood NFC business cards make a lasting impression, but they also provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for sharing your professional information.

Embrace the power of technology and sustainability with vCardPlus Bamboo Wood NFC Business Cards.


  • Online vCard Page with .vcf Contact card file download.
  • Upload your profile picture or business logo.
  • Upto 6 Contact Card Links.
  • Upto 9 Social Media Links.
  • Includes 2 NFC Business Cards.
  • $20 per additional NFC Business card card with same design and details.




Per piece

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